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Annual Physicals

Annual Physicals offered in Hollywood, FL

Annual Physicals services offered in Hollywood, FL

Annual physicals build the foundation for long-lasting health and wellness. The experienced team at HealthStone Primary Care Partners in Hollywood, Florida, performs annual physicals to determine your current health, identify potential concerns, and works with you to create a plan to maintain long-lasting wellness. If it’s time for your annual physical, don’t wait to schedule an appointment. Call HealthStone Primary Care Partners or use the online booking feature today.

Annual Physicals Q&A

Why do I need annual physicals?

Annual physicals determine the state of your overall health and give you a roadmap for maintaining wellness. Your physical gives you time to talk with your provider and get advice for any concerns you may have, such as losing weight or stopping smoking. And it serves as preventive health care. 

The only way to prevent chronic disease is by finding early signs that are only detectable through blood work and a physical exam. Early detection allows you to stop the problem from progressing to a full-blown disease.  

What happens during my annual physical?

Annual physicals include the basics: checking your weight, blood pressure, and heart rate, updating your medical history, and reviewing any medications you may take. Then your provider examines all your body systems.

Your provider checks your nose, mouth, throat, and ears, listens to your lungs and heart, feels your abdomen, and evaluates your reflexes. They may also check your balance and muscle strength, depending on your age and if you have any problems.

Finally, your provider may take a blood and urine sample to run routine screenings, such as cholesterol and blood sugar levels, or to check for any specific issues detected during your exam.

What additional services does an annual physical include?

Beyond the routine physical described above, you may also need one or more of the following services provided by HealthStone Primary Care Partners:

  • Women’s health (pelvic and breast exam, Pap smear)
  • Men’s health (erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer screening)
  • Vaccinations
  • Skin exam
  • Cognitive assessment
  • Mental health evaluation
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Weight loss management
  • Medication management

Medication management includes prescribing medications you may need and also evaluating medications prescribed by other physicians. If you take several medications from different doctors, you may be at risk of interactions or side effects.

Do annual physicals include health screenings?

HealthStone Primary Care Partners takes care of some screenings during your physical. For example, they screen for high blood pressure, run blood work, and may screen for skin, breast, and prostate cancers.

Your provider also determines whether you should have other health screenings based on age and risk factors. For example, you may need screenings for osteoporosis, colon cancer, or lung cancer. If you need screenings, they refer you to specialists for testing. 

If you need to schedule an annual physical, don’t wait to book an appointment. Call HealthStone Primary Care Partners, or book an appointment online today.