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Primary Care Practice & Internal Medicine located in Hollywood, FL

About Our Practice

HealthStone Primary Care Partners offers comprehensive medical services for adults living in and around Hollywood, Florida. Charles Stone, MD, Carolina De Varona, MSN, APRN, and Jensy Kurien, MSN, APRN, serve as primary care providers who combine experience and skill with their compassion for each person’s health and well-being.

After taking time to listen to each patient’s concerns, the team diagnoses and treats the full scope of health conditions affecting adults. They focus on providing personalized wellness and preventive care along with women’s and men’s health care. 

The HealthStone Primary Care Partners team ensures continuity of services across the lifespan by specializing in senior care. They assess the unique concerns facing seniors, from memory loss and depression to chronic diseases and difficulty managing daily life. Then they provide treatment or find a specialist or appropriate resources in the community to support age-related challenges.

Their services include (but aren’t limited to) vaccinations, heart evaluations with on-site electrocardiograms (EKGs), and annual physicals. The team also offers prompt appointments for acute illnesses

People seeking primary care providers who respect their individual needs and value long-term medical partnerships should look no further than HealthStone Primary Care Partners. Call the office or schedule an appointment through the online booking feature today.